Drew Barrymore shocked figure on the beach in Mexico

Дрю Бэрримор шокировала фигурой на пляже в Мексике

Drew Barrymore devoted himself to his family, because on the screen it can be seen not as often as I would like. Enrollment in the ranks of Housewives had a negative impact on the appearance of the actress. It has pictures that were taken by paparazzi in Mexico. In the Mexican city of Tulum drew went in the company of several friends, and the photographers followed them.

Barrymore pictures from the beach in a matter of hours flew over the pages of all the Western electronic media. Netizens shocked appearance adorable “Charlie’s Angels”.

Дрю Бэрримор шокировала фигурой на пляже в Мексике

The negative comments in his address drew prefers not to pay attention.

However, in a recent conversation with journalists, the actress boasted of their achievements. Having, due to the change in diet, she shed 9 pounds: “I weighed 65 kilograms, and now 56. I got so thin during the filming of the show Santa Clarita Diet Netflix. I feel just fine. I stuck to the method of Kimberly Snyder, but added in the diet a little protein — fish and chicken. Kimberly adhere to vegetarian or vegan diets. I was very determined and did not make concessions. All this time — until I lost weight, I cried and dreamed of pizza. In General, now I’m doing the same thing.”

It is not excluded that suffers so much drew for your order to return her husband back into the family. We will remind, this summer it was announced that Barrymore divorces her husband, will Kopelman. The divorce process was a record for Hollywood in just 19 days.