Drew Barrymore noticeably thinner

Дрю Бэрримор заметно похудела
The actress boasted figure postroynevshaya.

Дрю Бэрримор заметно похудела

Drew Barrymore April 2016


Drew Barrymore October 2016


The last appearance of the 41-year-old actress drew Barrymore on
the public is very pleased with her fans. The fact that the actress, who last
time was clearly not in his best form, notably postroila. About how she is
managed and was worth, she was told in his recent interview with Us Weekly.

Over the past
for several years, drew has gained quite a lot of excess weight. Such a change in its shape there were a few
reasons. First, she gave birth to during that time two children — olive is now 4
year, and Junior Frankie — while only two. And a return to familiar form after
delivery both times was given to her hard. And then disintegrated her relationship with her husband will Kopelman. Drew was very worried about this and found
solace in food… But now, when she completed her divorce with
Will and got myself together, drew decided it was time to do them.

As told the actress lost weight, she not just
in regards to eating. Barrymore strictly adhered newfangled system
nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, is extremely popular now in Hollywood. This
the method was put in order your pieces for many stars, including Reese Witherspoon
and Owen Wilson. However, drew made to the system by Snyder based on vegetarian
diet one change: she added animal proteins in the form of chicken and lean fish.
But the actress has shown exceptional durability in compliance with all other rules.
“I’m proud of myself because I was capable of such self-discipline. However,
frankly, I happened to cry at night, and when I went to bed,
I almost every night dream pizza…” said Barrymore.

But after going through the suffering associated with
diet, it has achieved impressive results. If at the beginning of its
experiment on yourself, she weighed 65 pounds, which at low
the growth of the Actresses (only 1 meter 63 centimeters) quite a lot, now already 10 less, that is 55 pounds!

And though the actress is not going to stop
there and wants to get rid of another a few extra from her point of view
pounds, during the upcoming Christmas holidays it does not intend to refuse
yourself in all sorts of not very useful Goodies. Because now drew knows a reliable
bring in shape and confident that I would be able to get rid of the consequences
the excesses of the festive table.