Drew Barrymore lost 15 pounds

Дрю Бэрримор похудела на 15 килограммов
The actress revealed the secret of her transformation.

Дрю Бэрримор похудела на 15 килограммов

Drew Barrymore. 2016


Drew Barrymore. 2017


Recently a 42-year-old drew Barrymore, who became a star of the vampire series “Diet
Santa CLARITA”, admitted that
last year she had to go through this transformation. “I lost 15 pounds.
Moreover, this transformation was also inspired by my character. It motivated
me to change, after all, to feel the CLARITA, I was just
you need to become lean…” said drew,
which recently started filming in the second season of the series.

When drew was selected for the role, the producer immediately the actress hinted that her
the heroine needs to be noticeably slimmer. To hear that drew was very unpleasant, but
she knew that she really allowed herself to lose shape. The fact that
the actress was very upset by the collapse of their marriage will Kopelman, and sought
solace in food. In the end she gained a lot of extra pounds!

The first 10
pounds drew lost another in the process of preparing for
the first season of “Santa CLARITA”, and now she has got rid of five. “By the way, my character to lose weight it would be much
easier than me. She only does that absorb the flesh, that is clean
proteins. How can you not lose weight? After all
so she sits on the gloomy version of the protein of the Atkins diet!” — laughs Barrymore.

She was afraid to allow yourself to such a risky experiment
how to upgrade to an exclusively protein diet. However, as told to drew,
on the advice of a nutritionist, she has increased the amount of proteins in their diet —
due to fish and lean chicken meat. And she was ordered to forget about their
favourite pizza. “It still haunts me at night and I Wake up in tears…” —
the actress confessed.

But Barrymore, of course, not
limited to only one diet. Consultation with a specialist, she
made a schedule of varied physical exercises: drew practiced “hot
yoga”, worked in the gym, doing long walks and even
attended classes of dance style hip-hop.