Drew Barrymore fell into childhood

Дрю Бэрримор впала в детство

Last Friday, actress drew Barrymore visited the show Ellen DeGeneres. Leading offered to remember the outfits that the star wore in childhood and to repeat the most striking of them.

Дрю Бэрримор впала в детство

In childhood the young actress didn’t miss one red carpet and party. At the age of 7, drew could not take advantage of the advice of a personal stylist, so the outfits on various occasions chose herself. “What can I say, it was a very strange time, and yet it was really fun”, commented with a laugh drew pictures that showed the leading. Recently, the actress even starred in the American InStyle magazine on a photo which appeared in the outfits since childhood.

“The fashion of those years again in trend, so it was easy enough to do, — said drew, — and in General of course, I was dressed like a complete freak, it’s great luck that I grew up completely normal.”says drew.

However, one of the images actress in the magazine decided not to repeat: it was about the photo, where 7-year-old drew red wig and a huge frill with a gold mantle. “My mom was always cool in an artistic environment, her friends had a lot of props, and somehow it suggested to my friend photographer to shoot me like that,” explained drew this strange way. But leading decided to surprise the actress has been asked to take to the Studio the same outfit since childhood. Drew agreed to wear clothes, but under one condition: the robe, jabot and wig it will take.

In addition, the actress also told the show that after separation from her husband will Kopelman she even made an account on an online Dating app, but special success it has not crowned.

Дрю Бэрримор впала в детство
“I invited one guy for a drink, but no answer from him and not followed, the second suggested I meet strictly at a certain time, from 7 to 8,” complained drew.

Another unpleasant discovery for the actress was the fact that her husband found out about her Internet activity.

“I was shocked when he asked me about it. Asked: “How did you know? I was there only 4 days!”It turned out that he saw my profile on my phone. I was still on this damn app and I can’t seem to leave”!

In most of the photos for InStyle magazine, drew appeared in images from his childhood. The actress repeated the “Luke” of childhood, in which dressed drew of her mother. “When I was six years old, my mom dressed me like a little 80-year-old woman,” said in an interview with the actress.

The photographs Barrymore holds baby pictures, which depict it on the red carpet. The fact that drew’s childhood was a famous actress and worked a lot. Already at the age of five took place at Barrymore film debut. Looking through old photos, the actress said that could not find in the archive of homemade pictures. “There are no pictures taken of the house as if I never was at home at the time… I Have no family, I always worked since I can remember. It’s funny, and mites will not get out of the house,” says the famous actress.

The child actress was very rich, because she began to work hard at an early age. It is no secret that problems with alcohol and drugs, she started at the age of 13. It was then that she first went to rehab. “In my life there were many rebellions. The ferocity and rage was in me. Can’t stand when I’m in control,” says the actress.