Дрю Бэрримор разводится с мужем через суд The actress has filed for divorce. In a statement, drew said that they will go Kopelman mutual desire. Previously, the couple made a statement to the press saying that will always be family to their children. Obviously, the case of Barrymore and her former lover pass without scandals and excessive noise.

      Дрю Бэрримор разводится с мужем через суд

      Foreign media reported that 41-year-old actress drew Barrymore, who announced in April this year that parting with her husband, filed divorce papers. Fans of stars who are hoping that she’ll come to his senses and reconciled with the 39-year-old art consultant will Kopelman now realized that drew was serious. The news that Barrymore has decided to terminate the relationship with the spouse has left many of its fans in a state of shock. After all, they were convinced that a celebrity has finally found his happiness.

      Apparently, drew and will expect loudly to divide the marital property and custody of children. In the documents, which came to Manhattan Supreme court says that the couple divorced by mutual consent.

      Earlier the pair has given a review edition of People, which shed light on their relationship. “Unfortunately, from a legal point of view, we break up, but it will not take away our sense of family. Divorce can make someone feel like a loser, but life goes on, and eventually any beginning to realize it… Our children are our universe and we will take care of them until the end of his days,” he told the magazine Barrymore and Kopelman.

      Recall that the actress was married to will Kopelman few years, their wedding took place on 2 June 2012. The couple has two children together — three-year-old olive and Frankie. In his interview with the actress admitted that familiarity with the will turned her life. If the star that many considered frivolous, do not even think about the children, it after started Dating Kopelman, she finally decided to think about procreation.

      The case of marriage: why the really broke up the perfect family drew Barrymore

      According to friends of the spouses, they are real opposites. Perhaps this was the reason for their breakup. According to friends of Kopelman, the man too fast and got married to become pregnant from him drew, he says, if he waited a little, then realized the identity of the actress a little deeper. It is known that the ceremony was very simple but at the same time romantic. They invited only close friends of the newlyweds. The bride, literally shone with happiness, was wearing an elegant Chanel dress.

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