Drew Barrymore broke up with will Koppelman

Дрю Бэрримор рассталась с Уиллом Коппельманом

After four years of marriage and two children Hollywood actress drew Barrymore has ended her marriage to will Koppelmann. It was not a big surprise for fans of the couple – rumors about the marriage problems, I went from October of last year.

Then, in the fall of 2015 the couple decided to live separately and see whether this will become a cure for their marriage. The miracle did not happen.

“They started having problems many months ago, they still continue. Drew and will had tried to live separately, but it did not help, things have gotten worse, and they decided to leave completely” — said a source close to the celebrity.

Recall that Barrymore married Kopelman in 2012, when the actress wore a heart to her first child. In honor of their pogodok-daughters olive and Frankie drew even made a tattoo. Unfortunately, despite a great love for his children, Barrymore did not save the marriage, even though they will do everything possible to make their separation did not affect little ones.

A source close to drew believes that the failed third marriage actress, is the result of an unhappy childhood. Barrymore almost from infancy was in the movie. To adolescence it already has experienced all the temptations of the world, however, never saw the family warmth and not seen any example of a normal family and a normal life.

“She was too intense and wild childhood. None of the family were, and she hit breaking bad. Now she is a different person, a good mother, but the ghosts of the past will remain with her forever. She can’t and doesn’t know how to build and keep the family” — said the insider.

The representative of the Barrymore does not comment on changes in the personal life of the actress.

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