Drew Barrymore asks ex-husband again to marry her

Дрю Бэрримор просит бывшего мужа снова на ней жениться
The actress worried that hasty with the divorce and wants to return to her husband.

Drew Barrymore and will Kopelman


Drew Barrymore spends the weekends with her ex-husband and their two daughters, and, as they say her friends, wants to re-marry will Kopelman. In the summer, all taken aback by the news of the collapse of the third marriage, the 41-year-old actress after just four years of marriage. They divorced in record time — 19 days, and the couple parted on friendly terms. But what prompted drew to file for divorce? They say, all because of postpartum depression, which with the head covered Barrymore after the birth of her second child. She admitted that did not expect such a condition and does not know how to deal with it.

But after the divorce, drew fell into even more depression. Recovered, began to look bad, again, by her own admission, leaned on fast food and alcoholic beverages. Even turned to my friends asking them not to leave her unattended and not to give especially to blossom. Then she managed to pull myself together to lose weight, take a healthy diet consisting of vegetables and proteins. And then that drew realized that she was probably rushed to leave with her husband, who still loves and appreciates. It became as often as possible to spend time with him and their kids, rooting for him on the new York charity marathon, which will participated. The actress plans to spend with her husband and the upcoming holidays, and there, you never know, maybe she will be able to convince him to repeat it all over again.

Painfully she doesn’t want to feel not just “utter failure” in his personal life, and “three times a loser”. After all, it was already the third marriage, drew, and everyone thought that finally she had a chance to meet your soulmate and create a full happy family.