Drew Barrymore and will Koppelman made an official statement about the divorce

Дрю Бэрримор и Уилл Коппельман сделали официальное заявление о разводе

The news about the divorce of Hollywood Actresses drew Barrymore and will Kopelman could be a newspaper “duck”, but the star couple, after a pause, still officially confirmed their breakup.

“Unfortunately, our family officially ceased to exist, although we never ceased to feel like a family. Divorce can cause a sense of failure, but in the end you begin to be thankful that it happened. Life goes on. The children were, are and will be our Universe, and the rest of your life they will be our priority” — said the parents of a three-olive and Frankie the two-year divorce.
Recall that drew married will in 2012, when she was pregnant with firstborn. Friends of the actress believe that a hundred reason for separation now with her third husband Barrymore hides in her unhappy childhood and lack of family model on the formation of her personality.
“She’s just not able neither to create nor to retain a family,” said the insider.

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