Платье Скарлетт Йоханссон вызвало громкий скандал
For what condemn?

Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson is suddenly in the center
scandal. Moreover, his reason was not so personal life of the actress
which last year experienced a loud divorce with the Roman
By Doriana. This time, Scarlett was the subject of a condemnation of many of his fans…
the dress in which she came to the Met Gala!

The point is not that style dress, the 33-year-old actress was inappropriate. Her dress was spectacular, but not immodest.
The problem was who was the author of the design of this dress. As it turned out, the dress was created by fashion house
headed by Georgina Chapman — the wife of Harvey Weinstein, the culprit itself
high-profile Hollywood sex scandal.

Meanwhile, although personally Georgina anything and anyone
not guilty, in protest against the actions of her husband, the Marchesa became the object of the boycott. From her outfits
refused almost all celebrities — at least, in the last few
months, none of them appeared on the red carpet in dresses created by Chapman.
Moreover, Georgina was denied when, in February of this year, she has applied
their participation in new York fashion week.

By the way, the boycott declared Chapman, many
puzzling. After all, although her husband and was charged with dozens of
women in harassment and even rape, Georgina was not aware of
illegal acts Weinstein. Moreover, knowing about all his crimes, she
stated that he leaves. And it happened last fall. Since then, she
lives separately from him, taking with them their children from Weinstein, a daughter and a son.