Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

Often in the apartments the living room functions as a bedroom, closet and Cabinet. Is it possible in this environment to achieve a comfortable and pleasant interior?

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

This question will be answered by an interior designer and the head of his own Studio, Maria Borovskaya.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

Living in the perception of the Russian person seems monotonous: opposite the sofa is equipped, on its sides a few chairs, a coffee table possible. In some apartments it is possible to meet the shelves with books and tea sets for glass doors. Such rooms usually are sleeping. For this there are further wardrobes with clothes, and the sofa at night becomes a bed.

With the help of step-by-step tips Mary Bohr, you can create a room which will be nice to take guests to comfortably sit at night and work in peace, if need be.

1. The main thing — preparation!

For this we recommend to start with planning.
It is important to note where in the room are the Windows and which way they open. For the proper layout of furniture should be to mark all other communications: sockets, lugs, batteries, etc.

Then start to arrange furniture.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

2. Plan ahead

You should start with one very important piece of furniture. Every person is different and will have to choose together with the whole family.

If important family is considered to be a function of the gathering of the people in this room, the main items will be the items of upholstered furniture. If the room will be used as a bedroom, the best option would be a sofa bed, which will be very conveniently located for all family members.

Using the living room as a dining room, think about the convenience of the meal, placing right dining group. It is possible to intelligently combine several features: some models allow you to store enough clothes and other things. You can also do the job.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

3. Assessment opportunities

It’s about how to house the furniture. It is very important to plan the arrangement so that no single element will not interfere with each other. Consider how to open cabinets and doors, the edge of the sofa — it shouldn’t be difficult.

To furnish the room necessary, observing the comfortable use of each item and move freely around the room. Distance from the Cabinet to the other subject, it is necessary to make the width of the door, adding to the value of about half a meter.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

4. The basis of the comfort — composition

Follow the rule size ratio with the area of the room — furniture for small room should be small in size. So cabinets and sofas for small living rooms should be compact and not take up much space. And the large living room you can hang a luxurious chandelier and put a big corner sofa.

If in a small room, there is a need in the location of large objects (for example, family huge armchairs), such things should arrange further from doors and Windows.

But if you are limited by space, then for a correct and compact arrangement of furniture, use the symmetric arrangement of the items. So you can easily give the interior a classic look using the high shelf or small tables. The chair can be put facing each other.

If you are a lover of the asymmetrical, provide the difference in the heights and depth of arrangement of furniture, which visually dobavit to the interior dynamics. Picture the location of different quantities of objects on the wall can be a great addition to your plan.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

5. More space in the living room

The modern interiors of living rooms does not imply high furniture, which is extremely logical. After all, the extra functionality of the space reduces representativeness.

However, this does not mean that you should get rid of the practicality of the room. Even in small apartments you can create a refined and functional interior room, just correctly aligned storage.

Consider also the keeping things inside the furniture. Getting rid of unnecessary things and not to acquire additional items.

Add more space to the room. It is simple — one wall is blank. Create a visually comfortable environment, which is so necessary for this room.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

6. Use modern approaches to storage

Indulge in the placement and storage of favorite memorable or necessary in everyday life things. To beautifully and intelligently arrange them, you don’t have to resort to high living “wall”. Today’s popular narrow shelving, which will also serve as a great item for the zoning of the room.

Such racks can be easily separated from the common area of the workplace, the living room from the dining room, etc.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

7. Additional functionality

Living room is the place where each family member can spend time the way he wants.

Setting the sofa on a small distance from the wall, it is possible to place the rack-cargo travels in both directions. However, it is necessary to think in advance.

Those who often spends time in the living room at work, should think about buying compact computer desks. It will be convenient to position the Desk near the window. The window sill can be used as additional storage space for folders and items or as additional space for relaxation.

You can also save some space for the placement of the coffee zone. An elongated sill will be a great bar table.

Don’t forget about the mobility of your furniture. For example, choose light chairs on legs that are easily stored on top of each other, and the puffs are hollow, opening the lid where you can keep necessary things.

Оформляем гостиную вместе с дизайнером. Пошаговая инструкция

8. Be individual

Living rooms are a reflection of the hosts for invited people, so it is not necessary to repeat and use the template idea. Individually arranged furniture with your own interior finish and decoration will give a unique overall look of the room.

Discard the stereotyped arrangements of furniture. Do not have to position the sofa. We can accommodate guests on a Japanese futon if needed. Also moving from the sofa you can relax on comfortable sofas or armchairs.

Give the room more personality by using designer items and furniture. As individual elements, you can transform old, giving them new life. With imagination, you can create easy and free setting for a comfortable pastime with the whole family!

For tips and illustrations thank designer Mary Borovoe.