Драма на ЧМ: тренеры ищут причины провала Алины Загитовой
The performance of young figure skater widely discussed in the media.

Alina Sagitova


Alina Sagitova won at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang was only fifth at the world Championships in Milan. The results of the short program the Russian figure skater was the second. And during any program, Alina three fell. At the end of the speech, she lost the nerves and began to cry. From conversation with reporters, she refused. The incident later commented on her choreographer.

“Let’s not forget that the girl is only 15 years old. And this is her first world championship. Unfortunately, in any program it has not coped with nerves. Until the end we do not understand why it happened, analyse it and continue to work together” — quoted by Daniel Gleichenhaus TASS.

Falls Sagitova spoke and Tatiana Tarasova. She suggested that Alina since performances in South Korea grew a little which affected her coordination.

“Since the Olympic games, it grew by three centimeters. She doesn’t understand, but no puberty, no — just need to eat less. When you grow up, the muscles nearly kept pace with the growth and coordination is lost,” said Tatiana in the First channel. Interestingly, during the Olympic games she was not so supportive of Alina. Soon after its victory, the coach said that judges, recognizing the best Sagitova, took the gold medal Evgenia Medvedeva. She, by the way, Milan did not go due to injury. Instead the competition was participated by Stanislav Konstantinov, which according to the results of the two programs the 19th.