Дрейк серьезно обеспокоился публичным конфликтом с Канье Уэстом

Twitter is a dangerous place for any artist. Conflicts are developing with enormous speed! In a recent example will be the discussion of Kanye West and Drake, which seriously disturbed the public. Drake even had to strengthen the protection of your home in California.

What started on Twitter-the conflict is unclear. What is clear is that initially, Drake has accused Kanye that he’s leaking incriminating information about him to his friend Pusha T, with whom Drake has long been treated. Some time in the social network was a lull, but Kanye decided to come back to the site! In addition to the many curious statements, Kanye decided to complete. He chided the Drake in that he accused him of the verse of the track Sicko Mode Travis Scott, who is Dating Kylie Jenner, sister Kim Kardashian – wife of Kanye.

The conflict managed to attend many stars. For example, at some point intervened singer Ariana Grande and asked rappers to calm down! She just had to leave the track with Miley Cyrus, and actors of the conflict were stealing all the attention! Kanye to stand on ceremony with the singer and blamed her of trying to PR his music due to his conflict.

At some point, and the faithful wife threatened to Kanye to Drake to stay away! “Don’t you ever threaten my wife or our family. He gave you your first job, without it there would be Drake,” wrote Kardashian. She also added that her husband is “the most brilliant man that changes the world, breaking many boundaries in music, fashion and culture.” Kanye himself at this time was busy, that was published one tweet after another, in which he stated that the threats from Drake. “Well, if me or my family something happens, you’re the first suspect,” warned West.

However..it is not surprising! The artist never ceases to amaze the public and makes a strange statement. “People invent rumors and think that you slept with my wife, and you don’t say anything about it and just live with it. I don’t like it. You know, it’s as if I got to Chicago there was a girl by the name Ranita, and you were married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t write a song called “Riri”. When you say “Oh, I don’t know where it came from,” you’re too smart to behave this way. Do you know where it is,” said Kanye over fictional rumors.

And then the artist made live on the platform of the Periscope, where he talked about the control of his mind and stated that he considers himself “the greatest of all living artists”. “I sometimes feel like I’m in control. I’m serious! The people around, their opinion, their evaluation. It’s all getting to me. They control my mind,” said West.

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