Дрейк признался в любви к Рианне
Rihanna stopped hiding your affair.

Дрейк признался в любви к Рианне


The Rapper Drake

Spectators gathered
Sunday night in the hall, which hosted the ceremony of MTV VMA Awards
witnessed unexpected turn action not provided for in the script. The rapper Drake appeared on the scene to give
awarded 28-year-old Rihanna the award Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, suddenly confessed his love to her! “I love Rihanna since
since I was 22 years old… Since then I look at her with admiration. Although she’s younger than me, I’m willing to admit that Rihanna is the real living legend of show business!” — said Drake. And touched his unexpected speech and slightly bewildered, the singer awkwardly kissed him on the cheek…

And at the end
ceremony Rihanna and Drake slipped away from the hall together. As
it turned out later, they had supper together with the family of the singer. And then
appeared in a nightclub Up & Down, where she danced in an embrace and had fun till morning…

In fact, the history of the relationship of Rihanna and Drake is quite long and complicated. They were first seen hooking up at the bowling alley
when the popular new York institution, Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in 2009. While Rihanna was free – she just broke up with her
boyfriend Chris brown after he brutally beat her. Since it is sometimes
seen together with Drake. He dedicated her a song and she removed with him
music video, where they acted as lovers.

In 2012, Rihanna suddenly
reconciled with brown. However, Drake didn’t want to just give your favorite
Chris. And two anchor grappled her in one of the Nightclubs. Who won
the fight is unknown, but Rihanna decided to stay with Braun. However,
for a little while. Just one year later, they still broke up — for good this time.

With 2014 again
rumors about the resumption of the novel of Rihanna and Drake. But the public saw them
not often, and the singer herself has denied Dating the rapper. She got off
usual in such cases, the wording: “We’re just friends”. And now,
finally, the pair stopped to hide their relationship! Let’s hope that this
time she’ll get lucky and have Roman Rihanna would be a happy ending.

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