Drake called Rihanna his Queen. What did you think about J. Lo?

Дрейк назвал Рианну своей королевой. Что об этом думает Джей Ло?

Love Drake to the Barbados beauty Rihanna has lasted for many years. Therefore, when the press began to appear reports that the singer has fallen in love with another colleague in the shop, which became Jennifer Lopez, many were surprised and did not believe that it is true. Videos and pictures of Drake and J. Lo, who appeared on the Network, said that the couple are having an affair. It was reported that the singer even introduced the new elect with children, as already said about the seriousness of one and the other side.

But, as if Drake had not belonged to Lopez, “Queen of everything” for him is Rihanna.

So at a recent concert in London, he called the 28-year-old star.

“If you want to feel sexy, listen to Riri”, — said the rapper from the stage. And the crowd, of course, supported him.

What this says Lopez, is not yet known. We think this may seriously hurt her feelings.