Долой гламур: беременная Ирина Шейк забыла про моду

Waiting child supermodel stopped caring about my appearance.

Now hardly anyone doubts that the 30-year-old pretty girl from the Chelyabinsk region declared itself to the world, in position. Irina Shayk after five lost years of relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo found the person with whom it will share not only love. More than six years the supermodel is in a relationship with Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper. However, the Russian top model to the last hid the relationship with the actor. As well as now is trying hard to pretend that you are not pregnant. At least in social networks, which publishes the archival photo with a perfectly flat pressure.

But after her stunning appearance on the runway show Victoria’s Secret, where the Shake was more than just clothes, though meant only underwear, to the representatives of the pair there confident questions. One of which Brady Cooper through the representative even said that despite the situation his lover, he allows her to work. An exception will be made only for the last two months of pregnancy, during which at the insistence of the 41-year-old actor next to Irina should be her or his mom.

And judging by fresh reports of the paparazzi of the West, from Shake already does not depart from her mother-in-law Gloria Cooper. Photo of a model mother and actor made in Los Angeles, on one of the streets near the house Bradley. The future grandmother helping daughter to roll the cart with groceries from a local supermarket.

Attention was drawn to the image of Russian beauties. She often goes out without make-up. But this non-glamorous toilet allows you to think about what Irina has ceased to monitor their appearance. However, should it? The baby Shake changing priorities. Although, remembering the same Xenia Sobchak during the gestation of the firstborn, glamour and couture in its images is through the roof. But there are still different categories.

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We will remind, Irina Shayk in 2015 parted with the famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo after 5 years of relationship. After a couple of months after the break with the sportsman model, increasingly began to notice in society on Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. About a year beloved no longer hide your relationship status.