Долой диеты: что мы боимся спросить о правильном питании Together with the experts of the “StarHit” learn how to lose weight wisely. Many of us know about the benefits and dangers of certain products. The rejection of them, as well as excessive use, can cause serious health effects. We figured out how to balance and remain happy with my body.

      Долой диеты: что мы боимся спросить о правильном питании

      Fat is bad, carbs make you fat, and a strict protein diet is not always good for health. But if all this is so bad, it turns out, the most useful thing do not have! It is these thoughts sometimes come to mind when reading the articles about diets. It is time to understand why we need all this stuff, and why even those who want to lose weight, you still need to eat and carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


      If the body were a building, then proteins would be the bricks. Protein is the Foundation of our body, it is the main building material. New cells are created every second and this process is impossible without amino acids, which can only be obtained from protein. No matter what we ate – a slice of cheese, chicken chop or trendy tablet with collagen in the intestine all of this was disbanded in amino acids, which will be used by the body where they are needed, in muscle or nerve tissue, hair or nails.

      Долой диеты: что мы боимся спросить о правильном питании

      The lack of protein leads to the degradation of muscles, they become weak and flabby. Slowing down metabolism, which could lead to weight gain and premature aging. The hair is dull, nails are brittle, and the skin looks sluggish.

      Excess protein increases the level of uric acid in the blood, and is a direct route to the kidney disease and gout, the “disease meat eaters”.

      Foods rich in protein: meat, poultry, fish, legumes, dairy products, eggs, cheeses.


      Долой диеты: что мы боимся спросить о правильном питании

      Pursuit size XXS turned fats in the main beauty horror stories. Of course, a bucket of fries or slice of bacon will not make you any prettier or healthier. However, the “right” fats required by the body. Our construction they perform the role of superintendent. Fat is the nerve tissue that “gives orders” to all systems and organs, and ultimately keeps us alive. Most animal fats is very poorly absorbed and the result is deposited at the waist, giving the body anything useful. The exception is fatty ocean fish, which meat is rich in useful vitamins and fatty acids. Vegetable fats are digested much better, so nutritionists advise regularly eating salads dressed with olive oil.

      The lack of fat more pronounced effect on the skin, which loses elasticity, becomes dry and withered. But there are more serious consequences – the weakening of immunity, lack of vitamins A, D and E, infertility, metabolic disorders.

      Excess fat, in addition to excess weight and even obesity, threatens us with liver disease, thrombosis, digestive disorders, hypertension and heart diseases.

      Foods rich in fats: fatty meats, ocean fish, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds.


      Долой диеты: что мы боимся спросить о правильном питании

      A healthy diet is the carbs should be a large part of the diet. If proteins are the building materials of our body, carbohydrates is the labor force, without which the mountain of bricks will remain a pile of bricks. To build the Palace, has a beautiful body, eat more uglevodosoderzhaschie products. They give us energy, which is needed not only for sports and work, but also for hidden, invisible processes of cell division, digestion and absorption of nutrients. All carbohydrates are divided into simple (glucose and fructose) and complex (starch and glycogen).

      The first group includes so our favorite sweets, white bread and pasta, while the second was the vegetables. The simple cause immediate but short-lived burst of energy, but in excess have a nasty habit of turning into fat. Difficult to digest is much longer, but saturate better, non-threatening figure.

      The lack of carbohydrates – drowsiness, dizziness, chronic headaches, liver and digestive system, sudden bouts of nausea.

      An excess of carbohydrates leads to excess weight, high cholesterol, and gastritis.

      Foods rich in carbohydrates: vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, bread, pasta.


      The correct ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be calculated on the basis of lifestyle. It is believed that the average diet should consist of 20% from fats, 20% from protein and 60% from carbohydrates. But in order to eat balanced, it is necessary to consider many factors. For example, in the cold season the need for fat increases as the body requires energy. Active exercise or hard work increase the need for protein and carbohydrates, while office workers these substances need less.

      Pregnant and nursing mothers and those who are recovering after a serious illness, also should eat more protein products. But those who suffer from renal or hepatic insufficiency, the volume of proteins it is better to reduce. In short, the exact proportions can calculate only a personal nutritionist, but if you are healthy, moderately active and generally fit the definition of “average man”, feel free to use the basic proportion.

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