Double Denis Matrosov put the reputation of the actor under attack

Двойник Дениса Матросова поставил репутацию актера под удар
The actor has been a victim of fraud.

Denis Matrosov

Photo: Social networks

As you know, the higher the popularity of the artist, the more likely that his name may benefit. For two years Denis Sailors toured in Russia with the performance “Two in the Elevator, not counting the tequila”, the producer of which, by the way, is. Recently the actor was the victim of the attacker. A scammer, posing as a name of Matrosova, lured in fans of a lot of money for a “fake” performance.

“I call on the phone and submitted my name, Denis Matrosov. Offer to buy tickets to concerts, performances and VIP events that are difficult to get. The price is too high at times, and, of course, offer to transfer the money personally on the map. For the record, neither I nor the Theatre Denis Matrosov, nor my relatives, these people have nothing!” States concerned about the incident actor.

Interestingly, over the past year, the actor for the second time faced with the machinations of detractors. Last time, however, the attackers struck Denis direct material damage. Last summer in a country house of actor looters got in here. From home Matrosov delivered a large sum of money set aside for the wedding with Olga Golovina, the mother of his two year old son, Theodore.