Двойник Анджелины Джоли променяла ребенка на работу About Regina Cove many learned last fall, when she participated in the online casting Maxim Fadeev, seeking the soloist of group “Silver”. A year ago, the double of Angelina Jolie got married. Kova thinks about the baby, but while the stars don’t favor it.
Двойник Анджелины Джоли променяла ребенка на работу

Aspiring singer Regina Cove, known to many as “Russian Angelina Jolie”, married. The chosen girl, unexpectedly for herself was the astrologer Dmitry Ermolaev. In recognition of Regina, the story of their amazing experience, and it was referred to as a miracle.

In late July, the couple will mark the anniversary of a happy family life. Today Regina tries himself as a singer, she says: husband not only approves of her activities, but also contributes to its advancement in material terms. Kova not to hurry with the children about them, according to the girl, she will be seriously thinking later.

Angelina Jolie doesn’t want children

“From the astrological point of view, this period will be good for my career growth. But for kids in my case, the more favorable will be next year, of course, if I’ll be ready,” said Regina “StarHit”
Двойник Анджелины Джоли променяла ребенка на работу

Today the Internet met a large number of couples, Regina and Dmitri is no exception, but this story with a happy ending might not be if Regina was not in disharmony with itself.

“I was depressed. I realized that I need to move more in a spiritual direction. My mind slipped the idea that it would be nice to attend a course “How to become a psychic,” for example — remember Regina. I put a query into Google, the search engine gave me from some courses on astrology. I looked into it. The teacher there was Dmitry Ermolaev. I learn more about the courses when they start, how much it will cost. Later I decided to go to Instagram Dmitry to see his publications. Put “like” under his photo, I “liked” in response, and then I saw his message in direct, which read I’m a good singer. He immediately asked the date and place of my birth. As it turned out, we both come from Khabarovsk. My date of birth is may 5, and on this day he opened a school of astrology. Then she went to my Facebook page and from there found out that my step-brother’s best friend, his close relative.”

Dmitri and Regina went on a romantic trip across America, stopped in Las Vegas. A friend of the couple persuaded them to have that relationship here. The bride and groom to plan the wedding date, also relied on the stars, which, apparently, they did not disappoint. In the end the triumph of lovers was held in a romantic place, located relatively close to Las Vegas — the Grand Canyon. In Russia, the pair managed to legitimize the relationship a few months ago.