Doping scandal: the developments after the recognition of Maria Sharapova

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой

The scandal with the doping among Russian athletes, which began with a press conference Maria Sharapova, is gaining momentum. All the past day in the media one after another appeared the news that more sportsmen have not passed the test for use of illicit drugs. SPLETNIK.RU restore the course of events: who of Ukrainian athletes also failed the doping test and than it threatens.

So, after Sharapova heroine doping scandal became a figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova, suspended from competition due to positive doping tests. The athlete said that detected in her blood Mildronate she is not working with November. Despite the fact that the drug, according to doctors, is eliminated from the body within a few days, Bobrova believes that the blood could have found its traces.

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Ekaterina Bobrova with Dmitry solovevym partner

Next were named several of the Russians who were caught doping. Among them is the world champion and repeated world champion, the skater Pavel Kulizhnikov. The athlete in a difficult situation: once he was disqualified for doping, and now he faces a lifetime ban.

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Pavel Kulizhnikov

Another skater, an Olympic champion in short track semen Elistratov – also appeared in the list of those whose doping samples came back positive. Both skaters withdrew from the competition because of identified in the blood of Meldonium – drug, which admitted Maria Sharapova.

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Semen Elistratov

A positive result also showed samples of the gold medalist of the Universiade, volleyball player of the Moscow “Dynamo” Alexander Markin and Alexey Lovchev weightlifter, world champion and Europe.

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Alexander Markin

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Alexey Lovchev

All of these athletes will miss the next few starts, some of them may have to make a prolonged pause in his career. In the state Duma on March 11, scheduled an emergency meeting. It is planned that there will be an official order prohibiting athletes the use of any medication without a written doctor’s permission.

Unfortunately, experts are predicting that the “black list” of athletes will grow. The Minister of sports Vitaly Mutko did not rule out new cases detection of Meldonium in samples of athletes from Russia.

Meldonium – the Latvian development that enjoyed a very long time. But – there is nothing to hide – we are lagging behind in terms of sports medicine. Prohibit more and more drugs that are aimed at restoring. But to athletes it is absolutely essential – with them a schedule of trainings and speeches. And replace them we can offer, unfortunately, I can’t,

Mutko said in an interview.

The Creator of Meldonium – drug, about which so much talk all day – he Calvinus stated that this substance is not doping and medication that protect athletes in the event of an overload.

We are glad that people use it, it’s about 2 million people a year, including those who are involved in sports at different levels. I am glad that with the help of Meldonium they retain their health,

scientist says.

Recall that Meldonium has been included in the list of prohibited substances of the world anti-doping Agency from January 1, 2016. It is a prohibited substance both in-competition and out-of-competition period.

Допинг-скандал: развитие событий после признания Марии Шараповой
Maria Sharapova

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