«Не делайте семье больно», — коллеги отреагировали на болезнь Заворотнюк

Russian celebrities reacted to the disease Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Some colleagues urged the family to leave the actress alone, others gave advice to her family and talked about his relationship with Zavorotnyuk.

«Не делайте семье больно», — коллеги отреагировали на болезнь Заворотнюк

Colleague Anastasia Zavorotniuk for the TV series “My fair nanny”, actress Olga Prokofiev, asked the public not to bother the family Zavorotnyuk, which is now suffering from Intrusive journalists.

— Relatives do not want to advertise the healing process of a star — that was the solution to most of Anastasia, because it is not necessary to hurt them. If the husband and older children Anastasia wanted to comment — long time to do it — sure, Olga. — Don’t do the family hurts!

«Не делайте семье больно», — коллеги отреагировали на болезнь Заворотнюк

Responded to the grief of the family of the car crash and the father of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske — Vladimir. He called often bring to sick actress daughter. According to some reports, the doctors gave Anastasia the same diagnosis as Jeanne Friske.

According to the man, when a misfortune happened to his daughter, she wanted to spend all the time with a newborn son. Therefore, he advised the relatives of the car crash, if possible, to bring her to the hospital children and yourself to spend as much time as possible.

Even if she’s unconscious, still feels the presence of loved ones, — said Vladimir Friske.

About the incident and spoke actor Stanislav Sadalsky, who published a screenshot of correspondence with Zavorotnyuk. So, the actor published a picture in the company of Anastasia. He also put a screenshot of the correspondence, which Zavorotnyuk is grateful for “the incredible heartfelt support.” The artist noted that in its environment there are very few such caring people like him. Anastasia finished the message with the words: “truly and Sincerely, your Zavorotnyuk”. In response Sadalsky confessed my love for her. Then it was followed by a question about whether Anastasia experienced doctors. The answer has not followed. In the comments Stanislav said that this correspondence was “not yesterday or the day before yesterday.”

«Не делайте семье больно», — коллеги отреагировали на болезнь Заворотнюк

Also under the scope of the media got and concert Director Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Stas of Christ, which the journalists accused of providing false information about the state of the actress. It is noted that he gave contradictory explanations. Initially, the Stas argued that the “fair nanny” will tell about your health condition on one of Federal channels. Program Dmitry Borisov “Exclusive” offered her a fee of 3 million rubles. Then Christ said that the actress is busy preparing documents for trip to USA. He then began to claim that car crash all the time pays little daughter. However, Stas has categorically denied information about the deteriorating health of Anastasia. The Director asserted that her condition is “normal”. In the words of Christ when he gave the car crash that the press writes about her hospitalization, the actress replied: “Nonsense. Leave me alone”.

We will remind, recently it became known that at the end of August Anastasia Zavorotnyuk went for treatment in a hospital in Poland, where she got worse. After that, the actress was transported to Moscow, where she is to this day.

13 September 2019 actress had put in a medically induced coma. The doctors are monitoring her health and explain which surgical intervention is very dangerous. From September 15 Zavorotnyuk is located under the ventilator, so as to breathe on her own, she can not. On 16 September because of the ventilation it fairly quickly developed pneumonia, doctors explain that complications are due to a serious illness, which is struggling actress – the last degree of brain cancer.


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