“Don’t cry!” Tatiana Bulanova is preparing to become a grandmother

«Не плачь!» Татьяна Буланова готовится стать бабушкой
The singer told about the changes in his personal life.

Tatiana Bulanova

Photo: @buslya Instagram Tatiana Bulanova

Tatiana Bulanova said that it was ready to be a grandmother. It
the desire of the singer is feasible, after all, her eldest son Alexander for 25 years.
That the artist decided not to have kids, and having grandkids, she
told Sobesednik.ru.

“Your son was Dating a wonderful girl, — says the star.
She is very good. Her profession is associated with veterinary medicine, with animals. I think
what with the grandkids a couple of years you can wait, but in principle I am ready to
procreation. My son is 25 years old, I think it’s time. Although the boys later
girls Mature and grow up. I had the idea to give birth to a baby girl.
But now I think that it is not necessary. Better to be a grandmother. The more children I have
self. The eldest son of the material is almost not help. Although he still lives
to me, the most that can be asked is to throw money on the phone. But that’s all
within five hundred rubles. PAH-PAH, so as not to jinx it, but my kids absolutely
not spoiled. Junior (Nikita 10 years —Approx. ed) I have the same self. Actually, you know what makes me happy? That we are all one family and
always for each other. Yes, maybe we don’t show it explicitly. But I know
what if, God forbid, something happens, we’re all going to help each other”.

Also Bulanov said that she managed to keep a good
relationship with ex-husband Vladislav Radimov. He is involved in the education
Nikita and they communicate well.