Donald trump won the elections in the United States

Дональд Трамп победил на выборах в США The businessman managed to beat Hillary Clinton. According to journalists, the politician called Trump and conceded defeat. Official reviews from competitors for the post of President of the United States has not yet been reported.

      Дональд Трамп победил на выборах в США

      Today it became known that 70-year-old Donald trump won the presidential election in the United States. The Republican candidate managed to beat Hillary Clinton is nominated by Democrats. Many doubted in the victory of the eccentric businessman, but now it is almost officially shared the news leading foreign media.

      A few minutes ago the Western press reported that Clinton called Trump and conceded defeat in the elections. However, official comments from rivals has not yet been reported.

      Celebrities have been watching the elections and actively commented on what was happening in America, the last few days. In addition, some of them gave concerts in support of one candidate or another. So, Beyonce and Jay-Z urged citizens of States to vote for Hillary Clinton. “Less than 100 years ago, women had no voting rights. Let’s see how far we’ve come from this moment to change history again by electing the first woman President”, – said the singer.

      In addition to famous couples, Clinton supported Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bon Jovi and many others. Among the supporters of Donald trump have been such stars as the father of Angelina Jolie Jon Voight, kid Rock, Mike Tyson, azealia banks, Charlie sheen and Stephen Baldwin. Some fans of the entrepreneur also expressed the desire to work in his team.

      Media noted that for the first time in U.S. history, the President was the entrepreneur who has no experience in politics. Journalists believe that trump will lead the country from the perspective of an experienced businessman. Previously, he promised to cut funding for the U.S. army and the return of foreign policy budgets in the internal politics. In addition, he has spoken out against marriages between representatives of sexual minorities and supported the abortion. From trump also expect the reform of the taxation of America and the abolition of the health insurance program Obamacare, for which the previous U.S. President has been repeatedly criticized.

      Recall that Donald trump was born June 14, 1946 in the United States. The Republican candidate is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. Status trump is estimated at $ 3.7 billion.

      Дональд Трамп победил на выборах в США