Дональд Трамп не получит подарка на Рождество от Мелании

The white House is ready to celebrate: a beautiful spruce are decorated ceremonial halls, and the volunteers led Melania trump decorated with a giant building! Well, it remains only to buy Christmas gifts…

To celebrate Christmas, the US President and his wife will be luxurious — in a private club trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Go there the whole family. A source from the inner circle of the head of state said that the wife trump loves Christmas and preparing for it. She had already planned out what dishes will decorate a festive table. But with the gifts it is still not decided. “At the moment she didn’t buy anything Donald. Melania says that it is almost impossible to surprise, and often they do not exchange gifts on Christmas,” said the insider.

Recall to your Twitter account first lady put up a post with three photos, which the volunteers thoroughly decorate the White House. Melania herself in the process of decorating did not participate and only watched the painstaking work of dozens of volunteers who decided to create a festive atmosphere! “Thank you to all the volunteers of our great country who work hard to decorate the White house. Can’t wait to see this beauty tomorrow night,” writes Melanie.

And in the penultimate Monday of November is traditionally the white House held a magnificent event, where the Christmas tree is brought into the courtyard on a special cart. The day was warm and Sunny! Everything went according to the canons — while horse-drawn carriage approached the residence of the President, the military, the Quartet played Christmas music. The tree was imported straight from North Carolina. The state is famous for the fact that in the entire history raised the highest number of firs for the White house.

To decorate the White House chose not the first available tree. This year the competition was held by the National Association of Christmas trees, which won a North Carolina resident Larry Smith. This spruce tree was brought on a cart to the White House. Smith said that the selected tree aged about 25 years weighs more than 350 kg.

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