Donald trump will give the children of Prince William cowboy saddle

Дональд Трамп подарит детям принца Уильяма ковбойское седло

The new American President Donald trump is preparing for its first visit to the UK. Despite the protests of the British and the requirement to refuse to meet with the odious American President, the Republican will arrive in Albion. And come not with empty hands. Western media, citing insiders, have told, what gifts trump will bring to the Royal family.

During his first trip the President traditionally makes a gift of the Royal family. The publication of RadarOnline, citing insiders, reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte Donald decided to give cowboy saddle. But Queen Elizabeth II will receive the gift a little later.
“Trump is not willing to give something that will lie in the corner and gathering dust, in addition, is familiar with the centuries-old tradition of British monarchs, namely horse riding. Donald wants to give them something that will not only be beautiful but also practical” — said the insider.
Seventy years of the American leader believes that such a gift will not only have the American spirit, but also symbolize something in common that unites the two countries.
Previously, trump said the Prime Minister of great Britain Vanessa Mae that has always been a “big fan” of the Queen. The last in a confused and do not know what to do – on the one hand, the number of protesters against the king and Queen of the trump exceeded 2 million Brits, on the other hand, it is impossible not to honor the new US President.
Recall that the Donald’s mother was Scottish, and it is, in the words of the President of the United States, unites him with the Kingdom.