Дональд Трамп предстанет перед судом по делу о домогательствах

President of the United States does not protect Donald trump from justice. The past catches up with everyone, and trump it is not the brightest. Before Donald became President, he participated in various shows, one of which became his reason to appear before the court.

Donald trump until the end of September will speak under oath with a written statement regarding the allegations of sexual harassment during the filming of his television show “the Apprentice”. About it lawyers told The Washington Post. The reality show “the Apprentice,” was published from 2004 to 2017 on NBC. Its essence is simple and interesting, and for many became the opportunity for career growth. The winner received a top Manager in the company of Donald trump. The leading itself was the trump.

Last year one of the participants of the TV show gets Servos accused the President of harassment. Like almost all accusations of harassment, a situation occurred 10 years ago. Typical: after shooting one of the episodes, the President invited her to the hotel room Beverly Hills and there harassed her. Trump does not admit his guilt.

Lawyers for the President tried to have it quashed, but the court of Appeals of new York denied them three times. In the end, the lawyers of the President and Zervos agreed that Donald will give a written testimony.

Recall that in the network only subsided a scandal with Donald trump and pornographic actress, with which US President had an affair. Trump again soon accused of a fleeting romance, which this time ended with the birth of a child.

A former doorman who has worked in a residential skyscraper built by trump called Trump World Tower, reported that there was a witness to the affair. Dino Tajudin told about how unfolded before his eyes an affair with the housekeeper.

Attorney porter mark heald said that his client was not told about history because he signed a contract with American Media Inc. By contract a man had to pass the information to the highest bidder. However, no one took into account the fact that by the time the contract is exhausted and a former doorman will be able to inform the public about the incident. Recently Dino spoke about the history, but no details. When the public learns about the incident in detail is not known. We may not know about the history.

Scandals for the President of the United States — a normal practice. He appears to them very often. Recall, the host of CBS’s Anderson Cooper interviewed the 39-year-old actress of films for adults, which were previously linked to the scandal. In a recent interview Daniels said that after the current President of unidentified people threatened her, trying to silence.
To associate themselves with the movement #MeToo actress was not, after all, does not consider its relationship with Donald rape. She voluntarily agreed to go to bed with trump.