Donald trump was compared to Charlie sheen

Дональда Трампа сравнили с Чарли Шином

Jon Cryer, who for several years played with Charlie sheen and then Ashton Kutcher in the TV series “Two and a half men” compared to Donald trump with his former colleague. In an interview with the Real John talked about the allegories that occur in life.

Дональда Трампа сравнили с Чарли Шином
50-year-old actor admitted that watching the outrageous behavior of the Republican, sometimes recalls the hero of Charlie sheen (which, however, is similar to Charlie).
“A lot of people I supported in the elections, for example, collecting funds for the campaign of Barack Obama.. But, you know, the Republicans today just blow. In truth, I don’t really like to talk much about politics, and who care what you think about politics, the guy with “Two and a half men”, but I still tell. I worked with a guy who did crazy things, just with coils flew, and people liked it, and the worse his actions were, the more the audience was in awe.. That is an interesting line visible between Charlie and Donald trump. But people have not much. They want a show and listen to different nonsense, but I’d advise against it. I don’t want the country chose a President based on the fun” — said the actor.

Recall that in the TV show Charlie was until 2011, when after a series of scandals his contract was terminated, and he is sitting in rehab city. That moment can be considered a turning point in the life of the Tire, though it mangled a lot of firewood.
If it so happens that trump will become President, according to Krier, Donald will repeat the fate of Tyre, however the country will have catastrophic consequences.


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