Donald trump was accused of disrespect for Melania

Дональда Трампа обвинили в неуважительном отношении к Мелании

Many citizens of the US openly admit that they dislike the 45th President of Donald trump. But to his wife Melania for some reason they are experiencing the opposite feelings. First lady “States,” Americans are lovely, many believe that she is beautiful and kind people, they are from time to time it even regret when you see how her husband feels about her.

Another reason to throw another stone in Donald was the observation of Network users for outputs family trump in the light. Users have noticed that compared to Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan, who always kept their wives by the arm, Donald behaved quite differently. From this followed the conclusion that trump does not respect the Melania.

“When a man and a woman down the stairs, the man should go ahead. The logic is that if a woman stumbles or falls, the man who is usually bigger and stronger, will be able to catch her, explained the etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore. On the photos we can clearly see that Donald trump is not a step or two ahead, and for a few meters. This may be a sign of selfishness or simple haste, but in any case, trump is an example for the country, therefore, needs to show other models of behavior.”

What do you think about this? Perhaps such a conclusion is simply an attempt to find fault with the Trump?