Donald trump Melania were forbidden to have children. What is the reason?

Дональд Трамп запрещал Мелании иметь детей. В чем причина?

The family of the Trumps is of great interest to the media, however, often not discuss the professional issues that arose after the inauguration of Donald trump, and personal. Vanity Fair reporters managed to talk to a very knowledgeable source that told some of the secrets of the first family of “States”. So, it turned out that the youngest child of Donald and Melania trump, Barron, could never be.

The fact that Donald, as a true connoisseur of feminine beauty (remember, he owned the contest “Miss universe” and model Agency his name), worried that a child and his wife is a model from Czechoslovakia will not return to previous form will remain full. At that time, the former model was already 35 years old, which by modern standards, is considered a rather late age for having children. “He allowed her to give birth only under the condition that if it will quickly return to old form. In fact, they signed a contract”, — quotes the edition source.

The informant also revealed that Donald was quite rude with his pregnant wife and very rarely were interested in her health and well-being.

After birth, Melania kept his promise and was able to return to Dobermann form. Note that in 46 the first lady looks beautiful.

The second sensational news about the family trump this time around the Donald’s side, but is touched by his two favorite women – Melania and daughter Ivanka. Many of the surrounding women noticed they were cold to each other is between them like a cat ran. Sources from the White house believe that the reason that Ivanka officially became the adviser of the President, and Melania has failed to fully perform the duties of first lady for son Barron: before the end of the school year Mrs. trump refuses to move to Washington, so as not to injure the boy. The official press Secretary of the President’s family denies rumors about the fight Melania and Ivanka.