Donald trump made a mistake with the date of the election

Дональд Трамп ошибся с датой выборов

Please, someone, buy Donald Trump calendar! The day of the presidential elections in the United States has nothing left but seventy candidate for the presidency from the Republican party is already confused with dates.

During a meeting with electrotom in Panama city, Florida, Donald said: “This will never happen again, so make sure that you’ll be able to vote on November 28.”.
Assume he meant the number of days remaining before the presidential election. His mistake was impossible not to notice, and trump again, traditionally, was the cause of jokes and ridicule in the network.
The irony of fate, but on 28 November, trump in the role of defendant will testify in court on the fraud case of trump University. People paid tens of thousands of dollars for seminars on real estate market, but the “school” just closed. Now the poor students require from Donald a refund of their money.