Дональд Трамп сделал комплимент Саддаму Хусейну

Odious American politician Donald trump, who claims to be warm, and most importantly a place in the White house, continues to make sensational and controversial statements. Recently, during the presidential campaign in North Carolina, the presidential candidate from the Republican party said that it would be nice to.. take the example of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi President-dictator.

Дональд Трамп сделал комплимент Саддаму Хусейну
In front of 2000 attendees at the event, trump urged to applaud Saddam for how he quickly and without embellishment dealt with terrorists.
“Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? Yes, he was bad, very bad. But, you know. what was he doing okay? He killed the terrorists. And was very good at this. They were never read their rights, talked, didn’t make a fuss with them. They just destroyed.
Today Iraq is the Harvard for terrorists. If you want to become a terrorist go to Iraq to study, okay?” — said trump.
A little later the campaign Manager of the main opponents of Donald trump, Hillary Clinton Jake Sullivan criticized odes Donald bloody dictators.

“Praise Donald trump brutal brutal dictators has no boundaries. Today, the Donald once again has praised the actions of Saddam Hussein, calling him good just because he did not bother anyone from the dead to mirandize him. In fact, Saddam’s regime was a state sponsor of terrorism in the world. He paid suicide bombers, which produce a daring deadly acts of mass murder. This again emphasizes the minimal awareness of Donald and shows how unsafe would have made him commander in chief” said Sullivan.

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