Дональд Трамп шутит по поводу «Оскара-2018″

Low ratings 90-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” became the topic for jokes Donald trump on Twitter.

“The lowest rating in history! The problem is that we have no more stars than your President (just kidding, of course),” writes Donald trump in his Twitter account.

Internet users were divided into two camps: some agree with the President, others believe that Donald just behind the times.

In every joke there is some truth in the one the President was right — the anniversary ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” this year showed the lowest ratings in the history of broadcasting. Compared to the previous ceremony, the number of spectators decreased by 20 percent and amounted to about 26.5 million people. However, the stream was the longest since 2007 – it lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes.

If some joke of Donald liked, recent joke about the dismissal of his wife was a real failure. “So many people left the White house! In fact, it excites and intrigues, because novelty attracts. I like the change, like chaos. Now everyone is wondering who will go next — Steve Miller or Melania?” said Donald trump told reporters.

Recall that in the White house changes. It became known about resignation of Director of communications in the White house hope Hicks. As reported by the Western media, Donald trump also wants to dismiss his daughter Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner with the positions of his advisors. The US President has appealed for help to the chief of staff to John Kelly that helped him to remove the daughter and son-in-law from working in the White house.

The reason for this decision could be differences trump and Kushner regarding various legal matters and business relations. This week Jared Kushner are deprived of access to classified information, and now is in favor of the father and got myself Ivanka. As reported by insiders, the President has lost confidence in both of them. However, in order to slightly smooth the conflict, trump talked with my daughter and her husband and even asked them to stay in the White house, but said they should not be working there.