Donald trump is furious with the publication of naked photos of his wife

Дональд Трамп взбешен публикацией обнаженных фотографий своей жены

Donald Trump, Trump Melanija

The passions in the margins of the electoral race in the U.S. is growing, largely thanks to the main rivals – conservative Ted Cruz and eccentric billionaire Donald Trump. Charter to exchange political barbs during a televised, competitors are at some time had lighted the pipe of peace. Trump stopped constantly insulting Senator Cruz, and he in turn no longer accused trump of having links with the mafia. However, the truce seems to have come to an end, and this time the bone of contention was the potential first lady of the United States – spouses of presidential candidates.

The scandal was provoked by the publication in Facebook naked pictures of Melania trump – wife of billionaire. The caption under the photograph read:

Sammiches, your first lady. Or you could Tuesday to vote for Ted Cruz.

A photo allegedly published the activists Make America Awesome PAC organizing the campaign against trump but Donald saw the insidious hand demarche eternal rival Cruz.

Дональд Трамп взбешен публикацией обнаженных фотографий своей жены
Donald trump with his wife Melanija

Naked pictures of Melania is not news to Americans who are familiar with the biography of the wife of a billionaire. Before her marriage with trump Melanija Knavs worked as a model and starred for men’s magazines, in particular, for GQ.

Дональд Трамп взбешен публикацией обнаженных фотографий своей жены
Melanija Trump

However, the crafty activists PAC Make America Awesome posted pictures of Melania on posters not just anywhere, but in Utah – the most religious U.S. state, home to most Mormons. The result of this action was the skirmish that broke out between Cruz and trump on Twitter.

Furious trump published his account in a post called Senator Cruz a “liar” and threatened to “tell something” about his wife. After a few minutes, post disappeared from Twitter, but trump, apparently, changed his mind and published it again.

The answer is Cruz not long in coming: the Senator has announced that it does not have to publish any of it and promised to call trump “a real coward” if he tries to discredit Heidi Cruz. Trump said: published a collage of photos of his wife and Heidi Cruz with the caption: “don’t Even need to reveal the secrets. A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Involved or not Ted Cruz to the publication of the scandalous photos is unknown, but experts-palitoy not deny that the trump team may seize the opportunity to put the Senator “below the belt”. A dark spot in the biography of “flawless” Heidi Cruz could become her struggle with depression.

In the Senator’s office officially acknowledged that Heidi some time really was in a deep depression from having to leave a successful career in Washington and followed her husband to Texas. The media even published excerpts from police reports, according to which the spouse of the Senator not often found “in the middle of the highway, confused wandering to nowhere”. In addition, the office of the trump hint at some “illegal activity” that Mrs. Cruz led while working at Goldman Sachs. However, while these rumors remain unconfirmed, and Heidi shows only the qualities of a true leader and extremely loyal to the spouses.

Дональд Трамп взбешен публикацией обнаженных фотографий своей жены
Heidi and Ted Cruz

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