Donald trump has represented Lindsay Lohan in bed

Дональд Трамп представил Линдси Лохан в постели

The attitude of Donald trump to women are quite specific. The dirt on the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, which was published in the last weeks before the election, virtually eliminates the chances of policy-novice to become head of the United States.

The next portion of indignation against the Trump called his interview with Howard stern, recorded in 2004.

Then trump has allowed himself to speculate about how good in bed 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Note that when the actress did not differ exemplary behavior and is actively discussed in the society. This theme was also touched upon by trump and stern.

Howard asked the businessman whether he could imagine an intimate relationship with this “troubled teen”? To which Donald replied: “most Likely, she’s a troubled teenager, because we can assume that she’s great in bed.”

Surfaced interview men aroused the indignation of the actress, with whom Lohan was working on a project “Freaky Friday”. On his page in the social network of Jamie Lee Curtis to shame trump, writing: “How dare you, Donald trump? She needed help”.

Trump, of course, the exclamation of the actress did not answer.