Donald trump has refused from the presidential salary

Дональд Трамп отказался от президентской зарплаты

The presidency the representative of the Republican party, Donald trump is in the middle of January. Yet preparations continue for the change of power and odious businessman trump, ahead of Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, makes a new statement. This time it comes to the future of trump salary as the head of the United States.

Donald, a condition that currently stands at $ 3.7 billion, said that the salary of 400 thousand dollars a year – not something for which he ran for President. So he decided to give up the money. Since by law the head of the White house still have to be paid, trump agreed to a monthly payment for their works in the amount of $ 1.

“I will not put in your pocket for a dollar. I refuse the presidential salary of $400 thousand. By law I must receive at least $ 1. Well, let my salary will be $ 1 per year. I don’t need” — confirmed the previously made statement trump.