Дональд Трамп не разрешает сыну играть в футбол

3 Feb all of America was watching the outcome of the Super Bowl — the super bowl of the National football League, in which they agreed “new England Patriots” (The New England Patriots) and “Los Angeles Rams” (Los Angeles Rams). Behind the competition also watched Donald trump with Melania and son Barron from the personal Golf club. In an interview for the show before the match Donald delicately told about his attitude to football.

Margaret Brennan from CBS asked the President if he’d allow his son Barron to play football. Donald replied ambiguously. The President has no special love for football as a player, but as the viewer tries not to miss the matches. “If he wanted to? Yes! Will I encourage this? No.”

“Barron is really a lot playing football. He likes it. And a lot of people, including me, believed that football will not reach our country, but it is quickly moving forward!” — the President of the United States. “I just don’t like the news related to football. I mean, it’s a dangerous sport and I think that is very heavy. Equipment has become better, but it did not solve the problem. Heard that the NFL players would not allow their sons to play football”.

However, SuperBowl family still celebrated. Trump made a big party! Melania and Donald trump took a 12-year-old son Barron and went to the party, prepared in honor of the super Cup at the Golf club trump in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. The event was no worse than most football competitions: for the couple and their son played a whole orchestra and danced by a group of cheerleaders from the local University.

Perhaps it’s for the best. Better to let the couple with his son watching the super bowl at the club than there will be another embarrassment. Remember the only Christmas wishes. Melania and Donald took part in the “NORAD tracks Santa”. The couple had to talk to the children on the phone, not without embarrassment. 7-year-old girl called the President, to know when her home will be visited by Santa! He decided the girl not to get your hopes up. “You still believe in Santa Claus? In fact, in seven years it is not normal”. Later, the network got the video call Babes to the President and that does not upset this unexpected answer! On the contrary, she agreed with trump, and parents reported that they do not hold a grudge.

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