Donald, Melania and Ivanka trump are resting at the Golf club

Дональд, Мелания и Иванка Трамп отдыхают в гольф-клубе

Last week for family trump was not easy. Last weekend the family part went to Trump National Golf Club new Jersey Golf club, which trump purchased before the race.

Дональд, Мелания и Иванка Трамп отдыхают в гольф-клубе

Along with Melania decided to take his mother 72-year-old Amalia, Knows. The couple also took their 12-year-old son Barron, which growth has almost caught up with mother in high heels. The paparazzi took as a family members leave the White house and walked across the lawn, travel to new Jersey on a private jet.

The family vacation was planned, because in addition to the Barron Golf club went and Ivanka trump with her husband Jared Kushner and their 4-year-old son Joseph.

Melania rest is needed as never before. Despite the official outputs of the first lady, in which she looked fine, recent surgery could not pass unnoticed. Recall, Donald trump stops to separate migrant families who illegally arrived in the United States. On account of this move of the President of the United States expressed by many, including his wife Melania. She decided to personally visit the border of the United States and Mexico to ensure the provision of quality care for children.

Melania visited the children’s center on the border of USA and Mexico, where, under the supervision of experts are the children of illegal migrants. The network got the photo of the first lady and the Ministers of police and border patrol in the McAllen Miller international airport, Texas. Then Melania went to the center for migrants, where he took part in the round table.

Finally, Melania returned and actively attending a formal event. Recall that the public just went crazy from the fact that Melania trump suddenly disappeared. After the news about the surgery of the kidneys, many suspected the worst outcome. The very first lady responded to public suspicion, reassured the fans and reporting good condition. Despite the statement, the public continued to share their theories on the status of the Melania. Media calculated 27 days tramp did not appear in the public eye. Yesterday Melania finally appeared in public!

Prior to that, Melania and Donald trump appeared at a press briefing of the Federal Agency of the U.S. emergency management to prepare for the hurricane season. The US President acknowledged that the period before and after the operation was given to Melania is not easy, but she’s in good health. “Melania was not the best, but now she is doing well. We are very proud. She does a wonderful job as first lady,” said the President prior to the event.