Доминик Джокер рассказал, как пережил травлю после расставания с женой The artist fell in love with the young singer. Dominik Joker now happy with Catherine Kokorinoj, whom he met during one of his television projects, where he was as a mentor. However, after this couple was criticized.
Доминик Джокер рассказал, как пережил травлю после расставания с женой

In 2015 “StarHit” first learned that the popular musician Dominik Joker left a wife Albina for a new love – an aspiring singer Catherine Kokorinoj. The actors met on the project “Battle of choirs”, where the singer acted as a mentor. However, some time Dominic took the girl solely as a creative unit, but after a long work during the Olympics in Sochi, Katya made friends with the Director of the Julia, which has contributed to their meeting in an informal setting. Dominik Joker left his wife and kids for participating in the show “the Voice”

“At the last moment Yulia went out of my way, and Katya remained in the restaurant alone with me. That night, after a long conversation with Kate, I realized that I like her not only as a creative unit, but also as a girl. Kate to this day, too, regarded me only as a mentor and absolutely not perceived as a man,” says the Joker.

A graduate of the fourth “American idol” has admitted that many did not know the real situation in his life. Some accused him that he left his wife for the young singer, and, according to others, it is the budding artist took Dominica from the family.

“The first time Katya and I hear many different gripes at her about the fact that she destroyed my family. Some believed that Kate grabbed himself a successful party. But, believe me, I’m not the tidbit — neither in life nor in the life – ironically the singer. – Yes, and some movement in the works of Cathy began only after a year of our relationship.”

Dominik Joker and his ex-wife and mother of two sons, Martin and Marcus. Despite the fact that the couple broke up after nine years after the wedding, they have to each other claims. The actor admitted in an interview with Woman.ru that they now maintain a great relationship.

“My ex-wife Albina decided to stop living together. At first I was worried about the children, but everything came together perfectly. Today we have a great relationship with the albino and the boys love spending time with me and Kate. Many believed that she was the cause of my departure from the family, but my marriage ceased to exist long before Katya and interested in each other,” he met Dominic.