Доминик Джокер рассказал о состоянии здоровья после аварии The singer reached out to fans with a statement. Dominik Joker smashed his head and broke his ribs after falling off a Quad bike. Now, the artist hastened to reassure the fans and said that now his life is not in danger.

A graduate of the fourth “American idol” Dominik Joker is now in outpatient treatment. The fact that a few weeks ago a man decided to spend time outdoors. He was riding on an ATV and did not notice a ditch. After the fall, the artist has sought medical help in the hospital. But then he had not discovered any serious damage. The injury manifested itself after a while – as it turned out, the musician has seven broken ribs, a concussion and damage to internal organs.

Despite the fact that in such situations, patients need to rest, Dominic is not ready to abandon the stage and to deprive the fans of his work to enjoy his performances.

“I know that many people are experiencing due to a previous accident. Don’t worry, it’s okay, I’m getting outpatient treatment. Concerts I’m not canceling, I move around the country. Your support is valuable to me” – addressed to the followers of the artist.

Fans were quick to support the Joker and wished him a speedy recovery. They noted that he very bravely endured such a serious injury and is ready to sacrifice health in order to please the audience.

“Hut, my dear, take care of yourself and get well soon”, “Dominic, a speedy recovery. Everything will be okay!” “It’s awful! Worried. Get well soon, please,” – wrote fans, sorry for the sad news.

Apparently, the beloved musician, a former member of the “Voice” Katya Kokorina, you’ll be near the man. Two years ago, Dominik Joker went from his wife Albina, married with whom he had two sons. Now the artist often performs with Kokorinoj, goes to various events and appearing in television programs.

“Children are now very rescue my mother, our nanny, sometimes comes the mother-in-law, comes to the teacher to improve his English, said “StarHit” the ex-wife of singer two years ago. The eldest son is engaged in figure skating, the youngest is thinking about where to give. Dad rarely sees our children. Very busy”.