Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were awarded businesswoman from Russia

Доменико Дольче и Стефано Габбана наградили бизнесвумен из России Stella Aminova won the Cup. According to the Russian designers, they together with a friend could win a valuable prize, hitting a famous fashion designer with his dance talents at the party Dancing Love.

      Доменико Дольче и Стефано Габбана наградили бизнесвумен из России

      In Milan was a show of new collections of famous designers, after which was held a private party Dancing Love. Among the invitees were the famous guests and friends the best fashion designer of Italy, including businesswoman Stella Aminova.

      “We danced for half an hour in non-stop mode, the program was different from the Latin American cha-cha-cha and incendiary Samba to a slow waltz, sensual tango, – says the “StarHit” Aminova. – Guests had a choice: stand in a pair with a professional dancer or a dancer who could share skills, but my friend went his way and joined together under the number “63” which was lucky for us – Dolce and Gabbana chose us as the best dancers of the evening”.

      As the Cup was one of the winners decided that the trophy will be roaming between the two houses.

      “With Domenico and Stefano, we are family friends for 5 years, says businesswoman. – I never miss their shows, the guys are doing everything to the guests were really happy, take care of everyone. This time it was fantastic. Women’s collection presented in the workshops of La Scala, which produces the sets and sew the costumes, and the men on the stage. To visit the historic site where the great dancing star, is an incredible feeling.”