«Дом-2» изнутри: изоляторы, вкусная еда и скандалы The correspondent of the “StarHit” spent two days on the main telestroke country. Daria Sachkov have time to eat barbecue and even become a party to the conflict on the female half of “House-2”.

      «Дом-2» изнутри: изоляторы, вкусная еда и скандалы

      The correspondent of the “StarHit” Daria Sachkov told about how spent two days on the project “Dom-2”.

      – The Clearing I came in on Tuesday at 22.00 – to the place of execution. Two hours later didn’t notice the camera and talking in a circle of participants for biscuits with tea. We were treated and barbecue. It was after midnight, and ate everything! Surely on a diet no one is sitting? Meals delivered twice a week: chicken Breasts, vegetables, herbs, cereals, fruits, milk, cheese, sausage…

      «Дом-2» изнутри: изоляторы, вкусная еда и скандалы

      The couch in the women’s bedroom wasn’t enough for me, and Rapunzel was kind enough to give your lost in VIP-cottage. By the way, the girls ‘ room was struck by the mess: the scattered cosmetics and clothes, shoes… the abode of the guys looked decent. Everything here is in constant conflict. Happened to me to fight. In the bedroom Sasha Kharitonova discussed insulators “House-2”. In our conversation wedged Tata Abramson, calling Sasha and rotten shaviv that no husband and children.

      I said: “to Say so ugly”. Tata and switched to me in a raised voice said that I made her and the rest of the parties to the conflict in the morning the remark was out of place, like, you knew where you were going. Word for word… and the conflict is settled. And I realized that rest is enough. In the West, home is best.

      «Дом-2» изнутри: изоляторы, вкусная еда и скандалы

      Recall that the journalists appeared at Calvary last week, and immediately became the witnesses of the scandal. Host Vlad Kadoni asked residents “Houses-2” to move, so as guests of the program it was necessary to place somewhere. However, not all participants show staged in a similar situation. Andrey Chuev showed aggression towards Sergei Zelinsky. This man had to be punished, but he suddenly decided to leave the project for a month, citing the fact that he wants to spend time with my daughter Lisa. He said that their relationship with Marina Afrikantov finally went wrong. Other members of telestroke believe that Andrew may never return to reality TV. Andrey Chuev left the “House-2”

      “I hope that this month will be a good period to recover their nerves. I’ll come back a different person,” said Chuev in the presence of all project participants.

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