Дельфин и Русалка: Королева отметила юбилей с бывшим мужем

In a recital singer sang with two men: the former is by Igor Nikolaev and the present – Sergei Glushko.

Over the weekend Natasha Koroleva noted the 25th anniversary of artistic career with a solo concert in the Kremlin. The night was very family, the singer brought on stage her mother Lyudmila Poryvai, beloved husband, Sergei Glushko and even his former “Dolphin”. In principle, the appearance by the Queen of Igor Nikolaev was not so surprising. The songs he once wrote for his second wife (Natasha and Igor were married from 1992 to 2001), remain the most loved by the public for the past twenty years.

The former couple sang such hits as “Dolphin and mermaid” and “Taxi”, which the hall listened with bated breath. Apparently, the story of this great love has not lost any of its magic in the eyes of the audience.

This couple seems to be forever a spectator dubbed a Dolphin and a Mermaid, and they anywhere from this comparison will not escape. But Natasha and Igor broke up 15 years ago! All this time the singer is happily married to Sergey Glushko, which at its creative evening also sang a duet of the song “do You believe me or not.”

“I did not notice that flew these years, because with you I feel that life is as it should be, and I myself are in the right place!” – admitted from a scene in love Tarazan his wife.

Explanations of love in this so important night Natasha heard a lot from Andrei Malakhov and Vladimir Vinokur, and from colleagues who came to congratulate her with a creative anniversary.

The “Magic L” the Queen turned, and her new song “Apricot dreams” and “What women want”, which is already the viewer memorized. But not only songs Queen this evening aroused a cheering audience. Some applause was deserved and the outfits of the singer. Each dress in which the singer appeared on stage, it was frankly the previous one! Still the Queen – the woman bold and even at 43 years old indulges in short shorts, sexy mini skirts and translucent silhouette combinations. And the singer loves lace and velvet, which in the current season so demand. In General, the Queen once again proved that it to look nice, and listen is a versatile artist!

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