Dolce Vita с электронным браслетом In one of the post-holiday days of the entry of my program was postponed for a few hours, and I was in the gym.
Dolce Vita с электронным браслетом

Relaxed atmosphere and the flock are preparing for the summer of Housewives (judging by the forecasts, they do not need to sweat in the gym and you can return to the regime of fresh cookies with cocoa) was broken only bald, clean-shaven man in the orange racer with a bright tattoo on his right shoulder. Be near me is one of the well-known Moscow lawyers quietly nodded in his direction and said quietly: “Pay attention to socks.” A glance at the ankle making another approach of the Lord, under the black fabric of his sock I saw a clear silhouette of an electronic bracelet. Exactly the same I saw under house arrest Evgenia Vasilyeva. “It is urgent to call the police!” – I almost cried I.

This experienced servant of the law advised me not to be ridiculous and explained that for a small bribe the prisoners now under arrest can lead a quite sweet life and not to pay attention to limiting their movement bracelet. Yes, corruption is rampant everywhere, but I’m still unsure should I listen to the advice of counsel, or had to dial “102”.