Псы-путешественники: на что идут звезды ради заграничных поездок любимых питомцев Going to the other end of the Earth, artists are willing to take Pets, wanting to share with them moments of joy and delight in another country. The beaches of nice, the Eiffel tower and Issyk Kul lake – “StarHit” know where you love to relax Pets of the stars.

      Псы-путешественники: на что идут звезды ради заграничных поездок любимых питомцев

      Many celebrities are so attached to their Pets that they do not represent without them, everyday life, or business trips or travel. Among domestic stars quite a lot of those who at times sacrifices her comfort for the sake of his beloved dog, which they are eager to show the world. Dogs Yulia Chicherina, Mitya Fomin, Valery Syutkin and others crossed the ocean, sailed on the ships, saw the mountain and even went above the Arctic circle. “StarHit” mingle with the stars, for whom the trip without dogs just can’t happen.

      Shepherd Yulia Chicherina mistaken for drug control officer

      Belgian Malinois Rex – seventh and part of the most senior dog of the singer Yulia Chicherina. He’s 9 and he travels from childhood. The first trip Julia took it out for security reasons.

      “We went to the Gobi desert in Mongolia,” says the singer. – Was on the road for more than two months, and often spent the night in wild, uninhabited places, and without a guard and defender can not do. When we started, Rex was ten months old inexperienced youngster from the service of the nursery, and came back after 25 thousand kilometers, part of which was extreme off-road, a professional traveler with the most advanced knowledge.

      Celebrity notes that at first, Rex was nervous, but then I used to. “This is a very patient dog,” says Julia. – I watch closely for his well-being in the home because he didn’t let on, even if you become bad.”

      A Julia always takes a collar, a leash and a muzzle Rex, as well as bowl, food, passport and certificate if they plan to cross the border. Together with the owner the dog has already overcome more than 100 thousand kilometers.

      “He travelled planes, helicopters, ships, trains, and even on fast boats,” says Chicherin. Rex has been in the Arctic circle… there Are cities where there’s no hotels where they allow dogs. In such cases, he sleeps in the car without problems, but mainly lives in the suites and very well behaved in restaurants and dressing rooms”.

      However, sometimes Rex causes people to panic: “In the glamorous clubs it is often mistaken for drug control officer,” said Yulia.

      Bulldog’s Mitya Fomin are not allowed on the beach

      Псы-путешественники: на что идут звезды ради заграничных поездок любимых питомцев

      The American bulldog is a singer of snow white 4.5 years. The first journey together was not easy. “We were flying from Moscow to Bologna – says Fomin. – Snow white had to spend 3.5 hours in the Luggage compartment in the cabin of dogs weighing more than 8 kg are not allowed, and in my beauty as much as 40! I was very worried how she’s doing. Asked flight attendants to monitor whether there is warm air in the Luggage compartment and asked if it’s noisy. And it did – left the dog a lot of stunned…”

      Then Mitya decided not to move with her through the air, today they are a favorite travel exclusively by car or train. Snow white was twice in Italy. “More so far I can not carry risk, – says Mitya. – She’s heavy, and gets tired quickly, especially in the heat.” To cool off in the sea cannot and does not want because he hates to swim. “Besides, in Italy on the public beach cannot appear with a dog,” says the singer. – But in restaurants and shops we are allowed almost always.”

      Valery Syutkin-for pet is in the queue

      Псы-путешественники: на что идут звезды ради заграничных поездок любимых питомцев

      Dog breed Bichon Frise Juliet appeared in the family of the singer almost 7 years ago. Once the favorite has been a year, she became the constant companion of a celebrity on vacation.

      “Often we fly to Paris and Jurmala. I would take her to the Islands, ” says Valery, but at the same Maldives the entrance with animals is prohibited. Juliet loves to travel as soon as we get the suitcases, jumps inside. We take her to a salon in a special bag, flying it shifts fine – it important that we were next.”

      However, the animal got on Board, Valeriy, you have to try. In “Sheremetyevo” veterinary room, which gives permission only in the terminal E and fly we mostly from D. Have to arrive two hours before flight, Stoke the dog to him to defend the place.”

      Dog Natalia Bochkareva has traveled to 30 countries

      Псы-путешественники: на что идут звезды ради заграничных поездок любимых питомцев

      Actress Natalia Bochkareva without your Yorkshire Terrier whiskers – anywhere. The dog is 12 years old and all these years he is travelling with the host, even on tour.

      “He’s a movie dog, – says Natalia. – Starred in the television series “Happy together”, “All men are bast…”, the film “Actress”… I always take it on holiday – was nice, Greece, Bulgaria, France… Only once I had to leave it in Moscow. It happened 10 years ago, I chose Israel. Then this country has a visa regime, and during the paperwork we were warned that the customs dog will not miss. So, the cat did not see the Dead sea”.

      Natalia Bochkareva will be parting with a young lover

      According to star, the dog loves to fly and is well tolerated the time in the air. “The weight of a snow leopard – only 1.7 kg, so he spends the entire flight on my lap. And in the car the same thing – he never sits on a nearby chair, always cuddles up to me”, – says Natalya.

      Dog the soloist “Cities 312” spends the summer in Kyrgyzstan

      Dog breed Chihuahua Gibson soloist of group “the City 312” the AI loves to travel. The last three years the dog along with the owner spends a summer vacation at lake Issyk-Kul.

      “The flight is a great opportunity to sleep in my arms that he loves to do,” says Aya. – So when he first time appeared in the air, even the ear does not lead. Car he loves – when are you going to go somewhere, I tell him: “Gibson, babip!” And he jumps for joy.”

      Before the journey, the Traveler takes with him the necessary Arsenal for small pet: dog carrier, food, water, harness and clothing if it’s chilly outside. Singer notes that Gibson never gives her inconvenience – a dog weighing 2.5 kg is admired everywhere came.

      “I have in the Bank allowed,” laughs the first. – Generally he’s very calm and well-mannered, always behaves well. However, if there is another dog may bark, but it happens infrequently”.

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