Умерла собака Жанны Фриске A dog who performed with the singer to her last days, died tragically. According to Natalia Friske, Jack Russell Terrier got under the wheels of a vehicle, the details of the accident is unknown. The family grieved the loss of a pet.

      Умерла собака Жанны Фриске

      June 15 marked a year since the death of Jeanne Friske. Family and friends honored the memory of the singer visiting her grave. A few days after this event, we tragically lost a beloved dog of the deceased star – Jack-Russell-Terrier of Lucrezia, who was nicknamed Lokesha.

      According to the Friske family, the dog ran under the wheels of the car. Owners are experiencing the death of a pet, which appeared in their family in 2011. Lucescu gave Jeanne Friske. He quickly settled into the house and even began to play pranks. It turned out that Lucretia complicated nature, it is impossible to train. To the dog, the singer has found a special approach, so Jack Russell Terrier fell in love with a star, to be less freedom and more flexible.

      Lucrezias friends with another dog Called Labrador by Olicom. Jeanne drove to Lucas with you on trips abroad. The dog had been in the United States, Italy and Germany. The Lucas was there for Jeanne when she lived in Miami.

      Умерла собака Жанны Фриске

      By the way, a little over a year ago, Lucasi appeared offspring. The dogs were distributed into good hands. One of the puppies went to live in eagle. “The husband remembered that the Jack Russell is his old friend – Sergei Vshivkova, husband of Natasha Friske. I called and he said, “You’re just in time − we will soon have to be replenished. The whole pregnancy Jess Natasha texted, she told me how the expectant mother. Jess Vila nest: was pulling on your mattress, bedspreads and pillows from all apartments. All the time like affection – it lay at the legs with the requirement to scratch his belly. When the puppies were born and strengthened, Natasha sent us their photos, videos. We liked the smart chubby kid. We immediately said, “This is our, do not give to anybody!” – Anna remembers Serovikov, who now lives dog lucky.

      The second dog Zhanna Friske breed also suffers from health problems. Ulius after the death of the owner was diagnosed with cancer. Natalia Friske is fighting for the dog’s life, takes her on chemotherapy treatments and walks with her.

      “ULKA, beloved Labrador sisters, upset. The baby longing for mother Jeanne, and then began to feel ill. The vet said that the dog cancer lymph sarcoma. Now we all means try to extend the dog’s life,” said Natalya Friske.

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