Врачи спасли голос Стаса Пьехи The doctor helped the 37-year-old singer to cope with a serious illness. “StarHit” found out why Phil Collins was forced to give up work and after that he had to go through to restore health.
Врачи спасли голос Стаса Пьехи

Not so long ago, Phil Collins was faced with a serious problem. The musician was forced to cancel tours and performances because of the loss of voice. For a long time the artist didn’t tell fans about his reasons to stop, but now explained in detail all the “StarHit”.

“I was a month and a half tortured terrible tracheitis – says “StarHit” Stas. – Inflammation of the throat did not appear in the best time: summer – constant touring. I had to go to Laura. The doctor immediately prescribed strong pills, several times a week I went to the clinic to make inhalation. The most unpleasant procedure is the injection of drugs into the larynx. But for the sake of health, can bear, that’s what I did!”
Врачи спасли голос Стаса Пьехи

Now the artist is back in excellent form and ready to go on stage. “Of course, as a creative person, I was hard for weeks to abandon the music – continues to Stas. – Health now will be doubly protected!”

For anybody not a secret that stars often forced to turn to by … professionals responsible for the correction of a vote. The services of doctors of the given profile is used as the period of the tour, of intensive filming, and before important speeches. Previously “StarHit” I communicated with the doctor-ponyatnom that help the actors involved in the filming of the project “one to One”.

“The first five minutes feel a slight numbness, – shared with “StarHit” Dmitriy Bikbaev, who at that time participated in the show. – Then you should take time to pill was good – can’t eat or drink, or practice. My voice usually sounds slightly hoarse. After the “infusion” it is dissolved. And I can do a female voice singing, though high male”.