Doctors reported improvements in the status of Oleg Tabakov

Врачи сообщили об улучшении состояния Олега Табакова Fans worried for the famous actor. Art Director of the MKhT of A. P. Chekhov Oleg Tabakov is still in a medical facility. He recently underwent surgery and is now recovering.

28 November it became known about the hospitalization of a famous actor and artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov Oleg Tabakov. According to media reports, he underwent surgery and hooked up to a ventilator.

Today, however, it became clear that the physicians have noted the positive dynamics in the condition of Oleg Pavlovich. According to experts, they see a positive change compared to last week. Vice-mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov said that Tabakova’s appetite, and his performance improves. According to some reports, the star of theatre and cinema complex necrotizing pneumonia.

Fans are very worried about their favorite artist, and I hope that soon he comes out of hospital. Iosif Kobzon commented on his condition and wished him a speedy recovery. Oleg Tabakov was urgently operated on

After Oleg Pavlovich was in the hospital, his condition received contradictory information. First, the theater announced that tobacco is a regular physical and his life is not in danger. But then on the phone, he personally confirmed that fighting the disease, but did not spread about the diagnosis. The reference service of the clinic confirmed that the patient defined in the sixth intensive care unit.

After the operation in a press there was an information that Oleg Pavlovich found a blood infection and was determined in the intensive care unit. Relatives are close and support the 82-year-old actor.

Before he became aware of urgent hospitalization, on the website there is information about what a play that was supposed to play Oleg Pavlovich has been canceled. However, the theatre did not disclose the reasons that gave rise to the transfer of the production.

In mid-September, Tabakov became ill before the performance. The ambulance doctors who arrived on a call, insisted that the artist cancelled the show. But Oleg Pavlovich insisted he didn’t want to disappoint the audience, which had gathered to see the production. He made a shot for the pain. The actor brilliantly played his role, despite health problems.

As reported by journalists, Oleg Pavlovich found syndrome deep stun, after which he underwent surgery. He established tracheostomy, so that the actor could breathe.

Prepared according to REN TV and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.