Doctors miraculously saved the life of the spouse of Sofia Vergara

Врачи чудом спасли жизнь супруга Софии Вергары
Joe almost killed Me.

Of Sofia Vergara and Joe Me

Photo: Splash News/East news

The other day the husband of Sofia Vergara — Joe Me was taken to the hospital. His condition
it was so severe that doctors feared for the life of an actor. It turned out that Joe,
without knowing it, suffered from chronic appendicitis that led to the rupture
of the Appendix, and the actor had peritonitis. This situation represented a direct
a threat to life. The me was made emergency surgery, which,
fortunately, was successful.

That he chronic
appendicitis, Joe didn’t know because for a long time did not want to go to the doctors.
The actor has long began to suffer from abdominal pain, but I convince myself that it
cancer. And as the pain intensified, Joe imagined that everything has gone so far that he has no one to help. Wife of Me was terribly concerned about
health condition of a spouse, and, when the pain became unbearable, yet persuaded
to go to the hospital. As it turned out, this decision was very timely —
a little more and could be too late.

Now the excitement of Sofia, to
happiness, already over. Now that
the danger was in the past, it
family life will return to normal. Vergara and married Me
recently, they played a luxurious wedding just six months ago, in
Florida. And Sophia was never tired of repeating how happy she is and how lucky they were,
she became the wife of Joe. Now, Me recovering and hopes to soon
to return to normal life and work. Incidentally, because of his illness, Joe had a lot to change in their plans. For example, he had in
the last moment to withdraw from filming the show “Six” on the war in Afgahistan. In addition, the Me
had to cancel a number of important activities, work-related
charitable Foundation in which he takes an active part.

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