Doctors: Lazarev had worked himself to exhaustion

Врачи: Лазарев довел себя до истощения

Now only and conversations that about the representative of our country at the upcoming “Eurovision 2016”. Lazarus predicting victory, but because his every move is viewed under a microscope, literally, and the rumors around his name grows with the speed of light. Woman’s Day tried to figure out what in them is true and what is fiction.

Probably the last time such a resonance before Eurovision was in 2008, when Dima Bilan in the second time went to conquer the jury of the competition. Then, too, enough of spiteful critics who are skeptical of this second chance.

This year on “the Eurovision” goes the eternal competitor Bilan – Sergey Lazarev, and with powerful support in the person of Philip Kirkorov, who together with his Greek colleagues already eaten a dog on this competition: they helped Angelica Agurbash, Dmitry Koldun and Ani Lorak, which in 2008 took second place. And now Lazarus predicting the first place, his song “You are the only one” was very well received in Europe, she was already the leader of our charts, and Serezha all much like.

And how many people are confident of victory Lazareva, just as many do not believe in its success. And are trying to find flaws in it. Here, for example, latched on to a recent incident that occurred at the concert in St. Petersburg. Sergey fainted and couldn’t continue the show. And instead of trying for the singer, someone blurted out that it was just a PR stunt. And doctors say that the singer fatigue. Woman’s Day decided to investigate and understand, were there real suppositions faint or not.


The entire month Sergey Lazarev was on a concert tour with his show “the Best!”. Concerts in a day! 2 March – Yekaterinburg, the 3rd – Chelyabinsk, 10th – Voronezh, 11th – Obninsk, 13th – New Urengoy, 15th – Nizhnevartovsk. And so on until the end of the month. In Moscow, the singer returned at the beginning of April and at once, as they say, fell from the ship to the ball. April 2 in the Moscow region he was present at the solemn opening of the star, 3 April she performed on the gala concert in honor of “Eurovision” in “Izvestiya Hall”, and the 4th number was already in Yaroslavl.

A few days before fainting

Usually the participants of “Eurovision” a month before the competition I try to focus only on preparing for this very contest. Sergey did not begin to abandon their previous work. In addition to the tour and he’s still in the theater had time to play! April 5 and 6 he performed on the stage of the Theatre. Pushkin in the play “Talents and the dead”. Two days in a row – despite the fact that he had a major role on the side stand.

April 8,

And then came the day X. St. Petersburg, an evening full Oktyabrsky concert hall, goes on stage Lazarev, singing a song and suddenly swayed and swung and fell flat on the floor. On the video posted on the web fans, it is noticeable that the staff and the stage, and the audience did not realize what had happened. The artist was already lying on the floor and shined a spotlight, and the audience continued to clap and make noise. To his feet he helped the dancers, they took away the artist behind the scenes (read more here).

There Sergey was given first aid, was given the smelling salts, he was examined by a doctor. Hospitalized Sergei did not, however, a decision was made to cancel the concert and carrying the show on 9 June. Under attack also hit a concert in Tallinn, which was to be held on April 10. It was moved to 4 June. And Sergey Lazarev sent to rest.

“Dear friends! Frankly, I’m shocked by what happened to me was yesterday on the stage in St. Petersburg! — wrote the singer on his official website. — I could not expect that the body would be crashing, especially at such an important moment for me as a favorite concert in Saint Petersburg, I’ve been waiting for! Yes, in the last few months I am in a concert tour, also played performances in the theater, actively rehearsing and preparing to represent our country at competition “Eurovision” in may perhaps, all of this weakened my strong body, and he decided to show me that sometimes he has to pay a little more attention.

Friends, I apologize to all the viewers in St. Petersburg and Tallinn (concert scheduled April 10) for the inconvenience in connection with the transfers of concerts in June. All tickets are valid! So, goodbye,

TALLINN – June 4


Thank you for understanding!”

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