Doctors fight for life of Oleg Tabakov

Врачи борются за жизнь Олега Табакова The famous actor is on a ventilator. Today it is reported that the health status of Oleg Tabakov has deteriorated. Fans worried for the life of the famous artist, and I hope that soon it will get better.

Yesterday, November 27, it became known that the famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov was admitted to the hospital. According to some, he was sent to the intensive care unit because of pneumonia. Today, however, it is reported that the state of health of the famous artist deteriorated – he was connected to the ventilator.

After it became known about sudden hospitalization, as Oleg Pavlovich began to receive conflicting information. The theatre said that the artistic Director of Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov is undergoing tests. Moreover, after some time, the tobacco itself on the phone said that he was sick, and the help of the medical institution confirmed that the patient was brought into the sixth intensive care unit.

On 27 November was to be held the play “the Year I was born.” In this setting, the main role is played by Oleg Tabakov, however, the day before going on stage in the theater social networks, information appeared that the spectators who purchased tickets, gonna have to pass. Now a love of the theatre waiting for another day to look at your favorite artists.

Fans of Oleg Pavlovich worried about him. They hope that the health Tabakov will improve in the near future, and he will again be able to go on stage. Not so long ago, in mid-September, the actor went on stage, feeling the pain. Behind the scenes, the paramedics gave him a painkilling injection so he could play in the play. Oleg Pavlovich has refused to cancel the concert, the audience expected a full house, but because he didn’t want to disappoint the audience.


As reported by “channel 5”, with Oleg Pavlovich are close relatives. Moreover, the journalists reported that the head of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov was diagnosed with a blood infection and sent him to the intensive care unit to save life and health of the famous artist.