Doctors fight for life of Nikolay Karachentsov

Врачи борются за жизнь Николая Караченцова A few days ago, people’s artist of Russia hospitalized in one of the capital’s medical facilities. If yesterday it was reported that the status of Nikolai Karachentsov average weight, but now there is information about the deterioration of health of a star. Friends of the actor deny such information.
Врачи борются за жизнь Николая Караченцова

Journalists report that the condition of Nikolai Karachentsov, who earlier in the week put in scientific research Institute Sklifosovsky, has deteriorated.

It is alleged that the people’s artist of the RSFSR was transferred to the surgical intensive care unit. According to some, now for the life of Nikolai Petrovich fighting doctors. That the famous actor has become worse, correspondents reported in the reference service of the medical institution, where a star.

“In a serious condition he was transferred to the surgical intensive care unit,” he told reporters at the medical Institute.
Врачи борются за жизнь Николая Караченцова

Relatives of Nicholas Karachentsova, on the contrary, claim that his life is not in danger. The son of artist Andrew explained the transfer of the father in the intensive care unit of the planned survey. According to men, the state of the actor is “stable and good”.

“When surveys are carried out, after which dad was transferred to the intensive care so we were all calmer, because there control of patients better. This is for our peace,” – said Andrey Karachentsov.

The journalists reported that the condition of a famous actor of moderate severity. Then the medical institution added that Nikolay Karachentsov normal temperature in the morning and evening.

The famous actor was in the hospital on Monday. At first it was reported that Nikolai wasn’t feeling well, and he was given an emergency examination of the brain. The reference service of the Institute named sklifosofskiy explained that Karachentsov was admitted in the first neurosurgery.

Friends of the artist later denied the information about the sharp deterioration of his health and explained that Nikolay Petrovich is undergoing tests. Relatives Karachentsov said that he will stay in a medical facility one or two weeks.

We will remind that in February the famous actor was hospitalized after an accident that occurred in the Moscow region. Nikolai Petrovich was diagnosed with contusions. A few days later the star went home. In a recent issue of the program “Russia 1” “Andrey Malakhov. Live” the wife of the actor Lyudmila Porgina shared details of the incident that has led many to worry about health Karachentsov. The wife of a celebrity accused that she was driving while intoxicated. Lyudmila Andreevna has denied such speculation.

Врачи борются за жизнь Николая Караченцова“Imagine, 12 years to fight for human life, to drink, to sit down and kill all four of you and myself too? And for what it is? I have a long day. In the morning I scored the trunk with wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey to bring to the restaurant for the Wake… All crashed, we don’t know how much was lying. The car rolled over several times and lay on its side. All the coat in the blood, vodka, wine, whiskey. We breathed, was all wet,” shared Porgina.

According to the TASS and RBK.